Long Road Blues

by The Cold Harbour

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released March 3, 2011



all rights reserved


The Cold Harbour Swindon, UK

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Track Name: Clear Skies
this mirror image won't go away.but my heart and soul are here to stay.staring into this mirror all i see is me.but this isnt who i want to be. this isnt time to look back. walking in the background of others regret. i will always remember when others forget. mirror image, why won't you stop staring at me. take me to that place by the sea. but this isnt who i want to be. this isnt who i thought i would turn out to be. why bother my head with this stress. nothing left to do but confess. nothing else really matters. apart from me and you. clear skies inside my mind. cold nights reminding me this is real. clear skies leaving no one behind. these summer months seem surreal. i didnt want to let you go. she said infront of my eyes. as silent whispers held my soul i begged the night sky to carry me home. CARRY ME HOME. clear skies inside my mind. cold nights reminding me this is real. clear skies leaving no one behind.these summer months seem so surreal.
Track Name: True Love. True Hate.
the moonlit path is empty. it fills me nothing. cloudy memories of what the perfect life is. losing sight of what is real. overgrown fields leaving me feeling lost. within my abode is memories of nothing.one love keeps me going and always will. wilting roses hanging on to the sun's shadows. surrounded by stranger with no love left. true hate is is becoming normal. true love maybe the only thing i have left. coming of age is merely a milestone of what i havn't achieved. days feel like weeks gone by. feels like im living a lie. november has never felt so cold. walking her to the train station, ive never felt so alone. i don't know if i can do this anymore.when will i see you again? life isn't worth living without you by my side.losing sight of all true reality. everything is becoming a formality.im scared that no one ever cared. the rain has settled, only leaving pain.it's still cold outside. now gasping for my final breath. has my life come down to this. theres no love lost.
Track Name: Broken Words
in this is world, there is nothing expcept my thoughts. these memories, those broken words. long days and short nights.this isnt the way i want it to be. calling all the people who care. will you always be there. i've been spending to much time thinking, always leaving me with more on my mind. if i ever had the chance to change one thing,i wouldn't know what it would be, the words spoken into your ears are fake. finding real answers is probably a mistake. these long walks home, they don't feel the same. all the things running through my head. will i ever be in that hall of fame. or will i always end up feeling misled. sometimes i think i might be better off dead. streetlights guide me home.to the place were i feel alone. this is not the ending, we have only begun. this is what i was meant to do. just me and you. through and through. just me and you.
Track Name: Long Road Blues
you think im too young to understand. but you have no idea of who i really am. im a long way from home.i don't know if i can get used to the feeling of being alone. the only thing keeping me going knowing i'll be with her soon. the only company i have is this half moon. the ashtray is has been filled. my cup of tea has been spilled.im going to have to rebuild. every night that i try to get to sleep all the memories we will keep, that key to my heart is in her hand,i really hope she understands. i am doing all i can. keep thinking of ways to describe the way i feel. the sun has gone, this is too surreal. it didn't feel right watching her as i leave, i have nothing left to believe. THIS IS THE LONG ROAD BLUES. BUT I'M STILL MISSING YOU.
Track Name: Betrayed
i dig the graves for the ones ive lost. some are my friends some are not. still searching for my own piece of mind. keep searching but i am always behind. so much time with nothing left to show. im just going to have to take it slow. sooner or later i will be left with no one. will this life ever be made. getting used to feeling of being betrayed.im facing choices i don't want to take. knowing it will be a big mistake. sometimes i feel like im going to break. some people are real but most are fake. i fell like i have slowly decayed. i am now taking the floor. this is nothing like i have had before like the ones i do not have no more. i have no time for you anymore. nothing to do but be ignored. my life is like a revovling door. i am going ashore. im facing choices i don't want to take. knowing it will be a big mistake. sometimes i feel like im going to break.
Track Name: Endurance
the hours in the day feel like there melting away. couple of years down the line will i still be living like this. its been four weeks now and only feels like one day. sometimes i need your reassurance. but this is my endurance.the pressure of life is caving in on me. i don't know if i can still be this person you want me to be. i feel like i deserve to be alone. as my path already been set in stone. i hate to be down all the time, i but i look out of the window and i really can't define.this world we live in. where am i suposed to begin.my notepad is my only friend everynight i go to sleep thinking never again. most people don't look further than what is in front of them will i always be searching for happyness? close your eyes. open your minds. you only have one chance. you might aswell die, if you havn't tryed. i might aswell die TAKE ME TO A PLACE WHERE ITS COLD ALL YEAR ROUND. ITS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE I FEEL SAFE AND SOUND.