by The Cold Harbour

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Recorded with Stu Mckay at Studio 6, Wootten Bassett.


released July 17, 2012



all rights reserved


The Cold Harbour Swindon, UK

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Track Name: Homebound
Through the hard times,
You have always been there for me.
Colder and colder my heart starts sink,
Deeper and deeper till i can't even think.
On the crisp morning you spoke those words
"See you soon"
But with regret i knew it wasn't true.
Black and blue.
The only colours that run true.
All the things we have been through.
"See you soon"
Treasuring that final goodbye that never came.
Red bricks turn to black.
That light that will never be found.
Track Name: The Lonely Rose
To end a life, you have to live.
What do i have to show for 18 years.
The rebirth of the lonely rose.
Do I have the heart to walk away.
Or will I live in pain which will never go away.
I knew this wouldn't be easy to show my true thoughts.
In the valley of darkness there is nothing left to see.
Apart from feeling empty
False hope and false points of view.
My life is done and i have nothing to prove.
The rebirth of The Lonely Rose
I’m not coming back
As darkness falls so does my, hopes and dreams.
With the weight of world, on my shoulders
Walking away from life. I’m not coming back.
Track Name: 1931
Dear life, I've been working for way too long.
My childhood haunts me, as does growing old
Bare foot walking the streets
A glimmer of hope and now I’m back down on my knees
It’s been a long time now,
This is the end of my life
How could I ever forget?
but between my heart and soul.
With all these words unsaid.
You mean nothing to me.
Nothing at all.
But between my heart and soul,
I will never forget
I’m at the point in my life where it not getting better.
When the world we live in casts us no hope.
I’m a broken man, just trying to forget,
What have I done to deserve this?
It’s been a long time now.
Goodbye, My life is over
This time, I’m giving up
Track Name: Dreamers
These dark days that i hold so close,
The untold realities that no one knows.
My hollow heart won't last forever.
Dim the lights, lock the door.
Drift away to your sins.
Empty your lungs, unlock your soul.
I'm losing control.
Will I ever call this place home.

Counting down the days,
Till I can stop and see your face.
I still feel alone,
Close your eyes
Dream with me.
Love's young dreamers.
Embrace my soul, never let me go.
My hollow heart has found it's home.
Track Name: Distance
If I had one chance to make you happy
I wouldn't know what to say
Lets slip away
Collection of blank memories
Of what I can't believe
Looking back, I can't remember
The person i long to be
I’m only half way home
They talk aloud of all there problems
Reminds me that I’m all alone
that moment I have been waiting for
seems so far away
I’m still alone every single day
Opening every door with hope that your behind it
But all I see, all i feel is nothing
Day dreaming again,
Will i ever see you again?
Will my mind ever stop being this strained?
Will i ever come back to that state of mind?
Being content with the life i live seems impossible.
Will this distance ever go away?
Saying goodbye as if its the last.
Trapped in this loneliness.
Feel like I'm living alone.
Stuck in this dark place.
Meet me there.
I’m all alone.
I never knew loving some one so much,
Would make me such a fuck up
My hopes and dreams the only thing that I believe.
Track Name: Moments In Time
The sun is shining on this cold sunday morning.
Sunken eyes and fragile bones.
As the sky starts to fall
I’m all alone.
Watching life go by my window
Moving on has never been so hard.
I'm content with living in the shadow
All of the memories I hold so close
Longing to know what I will follow
remember all these MOMENTS IN TIME.
Happiness will become to close to sorrow
Long to know what will follow
Holding on to everything close
Letting go is what matters the most.
Track Name: The Divinity of Unknown Love
Time heals fragile minds
Forget me and all my problems
I can't forgive
So forget me.

The Divinty of Unknown Love.
Young state of mind
With a heart getting old
Falling in love with the winter cold

That beautiful look of a cloudless night
Longing for that last look
All those things you took
Heart as cold as a mourning dove
The Divinity of Unknown Love.